Mick Morris Myth Solver #3 Champ…A Wave of Terror!

Mick Morris Myth Solver #3 Champ…A Wave of Terror! ISBN: 9780977411924 Author – Karen Bell-Brege, Illustrator – Darrin Brege. Mick is thrilled that the next location will be more of a fun vacation, than a myth solving mission.  As they head to Port Henry, New York for a relaxing summer break on the beaches of Lake Champlain, they are certain that the lake monster called Champ (America' version of the Loc Ness Monster) is nothing but a myth.  Except, the very minute they get to the lake, bizarre events begin to happen! There’s a  strange girl that keeps trying to get Mick's attention and mysterious notes, even creepy writing on the cottage mirror in lipstick. It all leads to one perilous boat ride, a bizarre scientist, and a life threatening encounter with the most terrifying lake monster - Champ. The 'Five Ways to Finish' in this book are normal, scary, sci-fi, freakish fairy tale, and internet chat.

Mick Morris Myth Solver #3: Champ...A Wave of Terror! Author Karen Bell-Brege - Illustrator Darrin Brege
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