Mick Morris Myth Solver #2 Bigfoot…Big Trouble!

Mick Morris Myth Solver #2 Bigfoot…Big Trouble! ISBN: 9780977411917 Author – Karen Bell-Brege, Illustrator – Darrin Brege. After the excitement of discovering aliens in Roswell, New Mexico, Mick, Nathan, and Sissy are on another terrifying adventure.  This time they are heading to northern California in pursuit of the frightening, elusive Bigfoot! As the Myth Mobile rolls down the road, this terrifying adventure begins with suspicious characters like Uncle Buckey – with a crazy uncontrollable eye, and the scary people that show up next to the Myth Mobile in the middle of the night.  But that's only the beginning, before they know it, they discover the freakiest 'Freak Show' at an old time carnival that claims to have a real Bigfoot creature! What ensues is a series of harrowing events, and close calls while Mick, Nathan and Sissy discover the real Bigfoot – being held captive by some very evil characters. The 'Five Ways to Finish' in this book are normal, scary, western, talk show and comic book.

Mick Morris Myth Solver #2 Bigfoot…Big Trouble! - Author Karen Bell-Brege - Illustrator Darrin Brege
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