Mick Morris Myth Solver #1: All Isn't Well in Roswell!

Mick Morris Myth Solver #1 All Isn’t Well in Roswell, for ages 7-12, is an exciting adventure about Mick Morris who travels in the Myth Mobile with his parents as they head to Roswell, New Mexico to film the Myth Solvers show. This time they are looking to uncover facts about aliens crashing to earth in the 1940's.  As filming begins, Mick, his best friend Nathan, and his least-favorite cousin Sissy, decide to sneak away on their own myth solving mission. Frightening events happen when Sissy gets captured by evil aliens, and Mick and Nathan have only one choice - to save her.  But, before they know it, more aliens appear who will help them save Sissy, but in turn Nathan and Mick have to help them recover a missing cylinder containing vital information to save the planet before the evil aliens get to it. Twists and turns, and peril catch them at every turn in this fun, scary book. Every book features 'Five Ways to Finish' meaning five different endings. This book has a normal, scary, superhero, silly, and short ending.

Mick Morris Myth Solver #1: All Isn't Well in Roswell! - Author - Karen Bell-Brege, Illustrator - Darrin Brege.
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